Into Randomness

Me Succeeds

They say coincidence is a word with no meaning, because nothing happens without a reason. Within this spectre of oddity and positivity, randomness or alleged fortune, the Hamburg based electro pop duo "Me Succeeds" places their new album "Into Randomness". The style ranges from House to Hip-Hop beats to experimental parte to pop music. All underlining the fragile, captivating vocals of front singer Mona Steinwidder. The musical arrangements of her male counterpart Lorin Strohm are a mixture of digital field recording, loops from Youtube-Clips, Smartphone-Sounds combined to an intimity, that takes the listener to a mantra like listening experience that seem to have no beginning and no end. Some of the lyrics recur in different songs, that let them shine in different contexts and leave room for interpretation. This flexible symbiosis, that welds the tracks on "Into Randomness" altogether, was also the basis and the idea behind the artwork. In cooperation with Dr. Saskia Steinmann, a neuroscientist for auditory-verbal hallucinations at Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, the NMR scans of Mona & Lorin were created to visualize their nerve tracts. These uncountable connections and the possibilities that result from it stand as a symbol of "Into Randomness", which was created completely by "Me Succeeds" themselves, to leave enough space for coincidence.

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2x12" Vinyl