Reisegefaehrte (Remixes)


Following the Debut LP on Ki, we've put together a few of our favorite artists to remix some tracks of their choice. It was important for us, that the artists kept their individual approach to their genre, so that we could get a very diverse release. First up is the Japanese producer Stereociti, who just released his debut album on Mojuba Records. He gives the title track "Reisegefaehrte" his very own deep touch. Second up is our close friend Glitterbug, who seems to create a very own genre with his interpretation of "Barracuda". And as if P.Laoss knew what the real deal is, he turned "Subsistence" into a Fata Morgana trip back to the time when Dub was really "Dub". Perfect completion of what we expected from this Remix EP.

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