Producer and musician Paul Camillo Schröder, alias Aparde, has been creating music that is at once technically avant-garde and emotionally stirring from his studio in Berlin. His production style is often characterized by both this boldness and sensitivity.

Aparde grew up in the nature-filled island of Usedom on the Baltic Sea, a moody setting which can undoubtedly be felt within his melancholic productions. He attended music school for nine years, where he learnt to play the drums, piano and guitar. An autodidact in electronic music, he was creating compositions influenced by Deftones and Radiohead early on through experimentation. A couple of years ago Aparde moved to Berlin to follow his dream of becoming a music producer at the electronic music capital of the world.

The name Aparde derives from the ancient Greek word apathetic, a characteristic and temperament the musician sees in himself, “I guess you can say that I’m a guarded or introverted person.” The musician has expressed that making music has always had a therapeutic effect on him as a means of processing circumstances.

Aparde made a name for himself playing several live sets in Berlin clubs, and in 2011 Aparde released his first LP, Goldene Barrikaden, which was followed in the next years by the EP’s Maerk, Dim, Loom and others. His music was released on various record labels such as Stil vor Talent, Traum Schallplatten, Keller Record Label and Lenient Tales Recordings.

It was in 2017 however, that Aparde would achieve wide acclaim with the release of his debut album, Glass, via Ki Records. For Glass, Aparde used only analogue instruments and self-recorded sounds to create unique and inventive soundscapes. This, combined with Aparde’s layered voice and poetic lyrics cemented the musicians warm and organic style.

In 2019 Aparde took this style even further in his second studio album, Hands Rest, which while reflecting the essence of Berlin’s club scene, also takes the listener to the depths of the musician himself. The use of Aparde’s voice in Hands Rest, in hushed and soft tones, balances some of the more dance tracks with mellow and deeply intimate undertones, showing the progression of the artist from a club musician to something that lies beyond that environment too, “I wanted to make half of the album with avant-garde pop tracks and the other with club tracks,” says Aparde of the album.

Aparde is evidently on the right path of becoming a serious force to be reckoned with – a breath of fresh air in today's music world.

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