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< > Split Series 2/3 - Baltic Sea

Christian Löffler / Steffen Kirchhoff - Baltic Sea


The second part of the Ki Split Series is a feature of our homegrown talents Christian Löffler and Steffen Kirchhoff. The two friends are part of the Ki family since the beginning (Löffler was responsible for the first release on Ki and Kirchhoff for the third).

Both artist have a close connection in sound aesthetics and atmosphere, since they still inspire each other every day. „The first people to listen to my unfinished tracks are my girlfriend, family and Christian Löffler“ says Steffen Kirchhoff about his process of making music. They are also both artists throughout: Christian manages to have different art projects running from music to painting and Steffen is also a very talented photographer. But what impressed the international audience lately were their live-sets, which they already performed all over germany and europe.

In this release everything comes together what these two exceptional talents learned on their journey so far. A remarkable aspect is the use of samples, which both seem to have discovered as a new passion in their process of making music. On the Ki Split Series 2/3 you can listen to Christian Löffler and Steffen Kirchhoff experimenting with beautiful samples and underlining the whole piece with their unique sound structure. Both in their respective very own romantic approach to deep, melancholic techno music.

The cover artwork and photography comes from Christian Löffler.

* 2011

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