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Mare a new album by Christian Löffler is out now!

Mare by Christian Löffler

Located on the Darss peninsular, overlooking the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, is a log cabin, nestled among the jungle-like overgrowth of surrounding birch and willow trees. The cabin is Christian Löffler’s atelier, where he locks himself up to work on both his visual art and his music. In the centre of the room is a huge oak table, splotched with multicoloured oil paints, surrounded by canvases, cameras, tripods, tools, brushes. There’s a great view of the sea, and the wide patio windows allow the light to flood inside, casting shadows of the leaves and branches across the walls and onto the table. There’s a small fireplace which allows him to work during the winter, so that he can continue his introspective creative process during the cold months too.

The place is very basic - working, sleeping, cooking, all in one room; yet it’s these modest and in some ways rudimentary parameters that allows Löffler to make sincere and honest music, concentrating on just the essentials.

‘Mare’ is his second studio album and follows in a similar vein to his self-released debut, 2012’s ‘A Forest’. However a key difference is that while his first album was heavily sample-based, ‘Mare’ is much more organic, in which nearly every sound and every instrument is self-recorded. Many of the album’s ideas are based on field-recordings taken from the surroundings. On top of this, several microphones were set up in the room and left to run on for whole sessions. The microphones collected everything, from tapping, singing, playing, footsteps, as well as percussive elements added on the fly such as bottles, sticks, a set of keys, or basically anything that was lying around. Sometimes he would open the sliding patio doors, where sounds from outside would blend into the mix.

Among the instruments placed around the table were an old marimba, a mandolin zither, some self-modified synthesizers, and various other sound tools accumulated from his travels. There are also four tracks that feature the vocals of previous collaborator Mohna (‘Haul’, ‘Mare’, ‘Vind’, ‘Wilderness’). For Löffler, another interesting aspect of the album is that it’s the first time he himself sings on a record (‘Lid’, ‘Pacific’, ‘Nil’).

“The meaning was not intended to be essentially different to ‘A Forest’ but where the first album sometimes still felt to just be on the surface of what I can say with this project, it now feels like that I've come closer to the core of what I want to express.”

The instrumentation, the setting, and the process, make ‘Mare’ a highly individual body of work that sees him expanding the limits of his set-up. The LP features the highly emotive sound that Löffler’s become known for, using deep house as a stylistic framework with which to base his tracks. Exploring spaces of emotional and physical loss, getting lost, as well as arriving, he blends wistful melodies, drum machines, and found sounds into a wandering, melancholic mélange.

Ki on Bandcamp

Ki is now also on Bandcamp.
For our launch on the website we had an interview with Bandcamp, talking about some of the difficulties we had in Ki's early days and about the amazing music we had the honor to release until now.
Featured releases on Bandcamp by Christian Löffler, Daisuke Tanabe, Sean Pineiro, Monokle, Me Succeeds & Arp Aubert.

Bandcamp: "There’s a kind of soulful melancholy running through all of the albums on German label Ki Records, making them absorbing mood music for quiet moments. Co-founder Paul Kadow walks us through 7 of the label's pivotal releases."


Daisuke Tanabe European Tour 2016

Beginning of 2016 brings Japanese artist Daisuke Tanabe back to Europe!
We are happy to see him play in Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Germany, Scotland and making his debut in Iceland - playing three shows in Reykjavik, Akureyri & Selfoss. His first gig takes place at The Waiting Room in London on the 11th of February.

All gigs:

UK - February 11 - London - The Waiting Room
BE - February 13 - Diksmuide - 4AD
NL - February 17 - Amsterdam - OT301
FR - February 19 - Dijon - La Raffinerie
FR - February 20 - Paris - L'International
IC - February 25 - Akureyri - Graeni Hatturinn
IC - February 26 - Selfoss - Bobby Fischer Centre
IC - February 27 - Reykjavik - Mengi
UK - March 2 - Hull - The Adelphi
UK - March 3 - Glasgow - The Glad Cafe
UK - March 4 - Manchester - Space Cadets
DE - March 5 - Hamburg - Häkken

Ki presents « 10 FRAMES »

Ki Records Labelnacht & Video Screening at JackWho // Cologne

Hey Friends! We will be back soon in our beloved Köln, Germany! Get ready for a true Ki experience featuring music by Christian Löffler live, Iron Curtis (who's releasing soon on Ki!), Steffen Kirchhoff live and Mitch + the new Ki Video Screening project << 10 Frames >>

☞ MITCH *dj*
Doors open 9 pm, Video Screening (free entry)
Party starts 11 pm, Ki Labelnacht (Limited Pre-Sale-Tickets available here:

Ki is the Japanese word for tree

"And like a tree the so titled label struck it’s roots deep into the soil of electronic Music"

Since 2009 Ki build up a solid stem of international artists that grew along the way since the Label’s start. Ki Releases are diverse in sound and genre, but related in quality. It’s not Ki’s thing to stick to one direction.

Most of the Label's musicians are somewhat involved in many disciplines of art. From the smallest detail in production, to the whole package - each Release is a piece of art throughout. And because fine art looks best on a proper sized canvas of 12“, Ki releases it’s music primarily on Vinyl. To look at, feel, listen to and love.