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Arp Aubert

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Hamburgʼs Mirau label operator Stephan Lorenz has taken Arp Aubert on a solo trek. He carries the Aubertian idea further along that happy, winding trail that allows music to be produced in the same stride it comes to mind in – on the momentʼs impulse, without a fixed destination in sight.

The grooving tracks collected on his wanderings may differ, but they all share the warm aesthetic of Lorenzʼs careful handling. Melodious echo-waves float over rhythmized audio fragments, while shuffling house beats surge their way through the arrangements. Arp Aubert clambers up the next ridge and takes in the view, in good spirits – music is giving him a free reign.

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Surfacing from the depths of Ki’s waters to cheers and happy roars, Arp Aubert bursts forth with a long-awaited new release. From the shop of Mirau operator Stephan Lorenz, “Moshislongo” bears his trademark devotion to exhilarated perfection. 

The title track rolls out a hovercraft-like texture, bound for the scenic route amidst a flock of happily fluttering beats of myriad shapes and sizes. A sparkling surge from beneath bounces the lot along in kaleidoscopic unison, birds of a feather after all. 

Track B, “Lowport”, wanders through the deep, propelling it’s effervescing mass amidst Pascalian bubbles and the current’s pull, a benevolent Leviathan guiding a favored ship through an unknown sea. The second part of Lowport tacks langorously into friendlier waters. The acid bass bobs like a confident sound mantra through a forest of calimbas and melancholy synthie chords. The weather is looking up. The sun comes out. 

Me Succeeds have a graceful take on the title track. The now two-person band of Lorin Strohm and Mona Steinwidder translate the original’s melancholy pulsing moods into a profound sound-tableau. Mona recites a text of her own, circling over dub-character beats and fading chords. 

Alexander Polzin’s Moshislongo Remix marches through unmowed fields. Jumbled vocals give rise to the warm chinook of a constant bass. On it blows, reverently, as pearls and bubbles dance into the warm bass from all directions. Contentment throughout, all will be well!

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Me Succeeds / Arp Aubert - Split Series 1/3 - Hamburg

Me Succeeds / Arp Aubert - Split Series 1/3 - Hamburg


The two Hamburg based acts Me Succeeds and Arp Aubert are responsible for the first part of a Ki Split Series. On the EP named after the city in the north of Germany the two acts combine their friendship and musical preferences to remix each other and contribute one very own track on each side.

Me Succeeds, with their members Mona Steinwidder, Sebastian Kokus and Lorin Strohm, is a part of Hamburgs Labelcollective i saw music and their songs combine Indie Pop with electronic beats and chords. Arp Aubert consists of the two founding members of Mirau Records: Stephan Lorenz and Marco Niemerski. Niemerski is better known for his productions as Tensnake.

The Ki-Split 1/3 (Hamburg) is truly a family matter. Because of their close friendship, Me Succeeds and Arp Aubert have created a very intense and emotional record. By remixing each other and combining their musical background this release turns out to be a very special one for Ki and the acts themselves. The Cover was created by Me Succeeds in well known Ki tradition to make this piece of music something special and memorable.

The Cover photography and artwork comes from Hamburg based musician Lorin Strohm.

* 2010

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