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Ki Records
Kadow Kai GbR
Stuhlmannstr. 5
22767 Hamburg

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Ki Records


Ki is the Japanese word for tree

"And like a tree the so titled label struck it’s roots deep into the soil of electronic Music"

Since 2009 Ki build up a solid stem of international artists that grew along the way since the Label’s start. Ki Releases are diverse in sound and genre, but related in quality. It’s not Ki’s thing to stick to one direction.

Most of the Label's musicians are somewhat involved in many disciplines of art. From the smallest detail in production, to the whole package - each Release is a piece of art throughout. And because fine art looks best on a proper sized canvas of 12“, Ki releases it’s music primarily on Vinyl. To look at, feel, listen to and love.

Latest Release

Saved once Twice by Sean Piñeiro
Sean Piñeiro makes sample based music. He’s a constant observer of his environment and finds elements for his production from different sources regardless of their quality or rarity. His work is like a musical diary. “It makes me happy that my ableton session is the meeting place of so many different pieces of music and other samples that have seemingly nothing in common” as he says. The oldest track on that album is Reaper, which was made in Piñeiro’s closet in Brooklyn, because at the time the only room he had to fit his studio in was his closet…. Literally, it was a closet.